*NUSUN* is Pater Nembrot 3rd album Released on 27th February 2016 by Go Down Records

NUSUN is the celebration of a circular feeling dwelling in a land where both a new and a missing sun pulse. This happens on a planet out of time and space, where giaiant squids hide in the deep seas, magicians, amazons and bowmen fight different battles, steam engine aircrafts fly and muddy river’s water flows. All of these elements contribute to shape the sound of these 9 songs: heavy, psichedelic and deeply heartfelt.

NUSUN has been produced by PATER NEMBROT & Enri Zavalloni and features Piotre Benton on synth, Petra Wallace on piano and Christian Peters (Samsara Blues Experiment) on synth in the song “Architeuthis”.

Here is the complete tracklist:

  1. Lostman
  2. Stitch
  3. Architeuthis
  4. Young Rite
  5. El Duende
  6. Overwhelmed
  7. Uknap
  8. The Rich Kids of Teheran
  9. Dead Polygon



Pater Nembrot started in 2003 from the big friendship between formers Philip Leonardi (voice, guitars) and Jack Pasghin (bass).


After more than 10 years of live shows in italy and europe wide as a power trio with Clarence Casoni on drums, in 2014 the band has welcomed the join of Ramona March on second guitars and it’s ready to blow your mind with a renewed line-up as a heavy psichedelic quartet.


In recent years, Pater Nembrot has shared the stage with some of the best 70’s rock / stoner / heavy psichedelic acts around, such as White Hills, Fatso Jetson, Sleepy Sun, Kadavar, Sons of Otis, Karma to Burn, Samsara Blues Experiment, Radio Moscow, Small Jackets, sharing energy with a constantly increasing piece of audience.


Their discography features the debut album “Mandria”(2008) which has been printetd in 500 copies and is now sold out, “Sequoia Seeds” (2011) printed both in CD and LP featuring Enzo Vita, former and guitarist of the italian progressive rock legend IL ROVESCIO DELLA MEDAGLIA, Extended Pyramid EP (2013) printed in 500 white vynil edition.


On 27 February 2016 the band is excited to present its 3rd album called “NUSUN“, first released in CD Digipack and MP3.

All these albums have been recorded, mixed and mastered at Atomic Studio, Longiano FC Italy by Enri Zavalloni and are  released by Go Down Records.

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