New Review in German on

14 Mag New Review in German on

Great feedback from Germany! DareDevil Records has recently published a stunning review of NUSUN. You can read the review in German here below:

Here is a English version quite fitting:

After a very quiet and under-the-skin intro with outstanding vocals (Lostman), it starts STITCH and it’s like going to the moon. Great sounds and great riffs accents and bring the listener a feeling of wellbeing. The following is a spacey Architeuthis mid-tempo rocker with strong vocals of Philip and a guest appearance by Chris (Samsara Blues Experiment). EL DUENDE has like much of the Mark Lanegan solo discs, also of the gloomy Atmsophere. The song is worn continuously and almost sad, but completely convincing. Overwhelmed is a more upbeat stoner rock song with again very strong vocals and a strong chorus. The band works great and sounds well established and professional and you really ask yourself with such a tape has not gained yet more attention. This shows once again that it does not depend ultimately on the music. In a fair world this band would rießengroß! With their sound they infected many 70s / retro / psychedelic / stoner / classic rock bands simply in the sack. A large financially strong label would bring this band probably to the international elite. Who stands to outstanding music should check it out!