PATER NEMBROT new album “NUSUN” out now!

27 Feb PATER NEMBROT new album “NUSUN” out now!

Hi Guys! We are excited to announce Today the official Release of our 3rd album “NUSUN”

You can listen a couple of full song on our Bandcamp page where you can also pre-order your physical copy!  Nusun will be released by Go Down Records on February 27th, 2016 in CD Digipack and MP3 Digital Download. NUSUN has been produced by PATER NEMBROT & Enri Zavalloni and features Piotre Benton on synth, Petra Wallace on piano and Christian Peters (Samsara Blues Experiment) on synth in the song “Architeuthis”.


NUSUN is the celebration of a circular feeling dwelling in a land where both a new and a missing sun pulse. This happenson a planet out of time and space, where giaiant squids hide in the deep seas, magicians, amazons and bowmen fight different battles, steam engine aircrafts fly and muddy river’s water flows. All of these elements contribute to shape the sound of these 9 songs: heavy, psichedelic and deeply heartfelt.


27.02.16 – RELEASE PARTY – Sidro Club, Savignano sul R. FC IT
03.03.16 – Freak Out Club, Bologna BO IT + The Grand Astoria
05.03.16 – Ex Macello, San Marino RSM
12.03.16 – CSOA Ex Mattatoio, Perugia PG IT
26.03.16 – Magazzino Parallelo, Cesena FC IT
28.03.16 – Maximum Festival, Zero Branco TV IT
09.04.16 – On Stage, Castelfidardo AN IT
15.04.16 – Night for the Deaf c/o COX18 Milan MI IT
30.04.16 – Tetris, Trieste IT

For EU Booking info please contact Go Down Booking or ask directly the band mailing at